As of May 19, 2022, it has been upheld by the supreme court that sex workers cannot be harassed or arrested which means sex work is technically decriminalized in India from the perspective of the sex worker. 

While it is still the case that activities related to sex work such as pimping as well as renting out your property for brothels are illegal in India. 

So, you may ask the question why is sex work decriminalised in India and what are the benefits of decriminalising sex work? 

We are going to tell you the reasons why sex work must be decriminalised across the world and we will also tell you the false arguments on why sex work should not be legal. 

We are not going to talk about if sex work is ethical or whether it is a good thing to do from a job perspective but we will try to explain that governments and societies will not have a lot of benefits if they consider sex work a crime. 


Why is sex work a crime? There are different cultural reasons why sex work is considered a crime. 

Many societies do not like the legalisation of sex work simply because they feel that it is going to encourage sex work because it is seen as an immoral practice from a civilized standpoint. 

There is certainly truth to this argument but the problem with that is if sex workers are considered illegal then along with that there will rise new kinds of problems such as human trafficking as well as forced prostitution etc.

There are also other issues related to labour rights that do not get addressed because after all they are also part of the economy and they are also working whether the work is dirty or clean and some might even argue that it is there is also a case of gender equality that needs to be addressed.

Whatever the case may be, we are going to talk about the benefits of decriminalising sex work and the advantages it can have both for society and for the sex worker’s rights as humans. 



In a place where it is illegal for sex workers to do their job, a sex worker will never approach the authorities if something bad happens to them.

We may or may not agree on the ethical and moral standards of sex work as an activity but we all can agree that sex workers are humans too. 

And if they are considered illegal then they are never going to feel safe with authorities because they will never approach the authorities to complain if something bad happens to them.

A sex worker cannot approach the authorities for legal protection and they cannot approach the medical authorities for access to health care. 

It is for this reason that sex work should be legalised so that sex workers can also get the basic amenities that any human requires. 


In a place where sex work is a criminal offence, there are a lot of bad things that can happen to sex workers because they are not protected by the law.

They can get abused by their clients and they can get harassed and can even have bodily injuries because of their line of work.

They can face discrimination in their daily lives and there are a lot of bad things that can happen to them since they are not recognised as real workers or even real people with rights. 

That is why it is important that they be recognised as real workers and that their industry should be brought under legal recognition so that laws can be made for their protection. 


Sex work and exploitation of sex workers is a very lucrative business for someone like a pimp or a brothel owner because they do not have to pay taxes on the work.

The industry is not standardised and they can carry on any and every kind of illegal practice in order to make sure their profits are high and the sex workers cannot complain about them to anyone.

This leads to more serious problems such as the trafficking of children to be brought to a place like that and groomed for years to be sex workers. 

This can destroy entire lives but the sex workers have no place to go and that is why if this industry is legalised then they can finally have a place to go and ask for their rights as workers.

Pimps and brothel-owners would no longer need to resort to human exploitation and trafficking because the industry is going to be regulated under the law reducing the chances of human trafficking. 


Legalising sex workers and sex work and bringing in proper prostitution laws can be actually beneficial to the entire society because sex work is not happening between sex workers.

Sex work is happening between regular civilians and members of the public and sex workers and if sex work is illegal that means the sex workers cannot get treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

Since it is illegal they are going to keep quiet about their health problems and quietly pass down their health problems to their clients.

Their clients are then going to pass it down to other members of society and after a long period of time, we are going to be in an STD epidemic.

This can totally be avoided by providing important medical care at the heart of the problem which is the sex workers themselves. That can only be possible if they are decriminalised so they can approach medical facilities. 

If they get the proper treatment, they are never going to spread it to their clients and to society in general. 


One of the other major benefits is that decriminalising sex work can have an excellent impact on society.

It can be an excellent way to stop overpopulation thereby not producing an extra burden on the economy.

And think of the amount of taxes and revenue it will generate for the government if sex work is made legal because it will be money that will generate from thin air that can be collected for the first time and put back into the development of the country. 

This industry is also going to support other industries and it can actually be a very good thing for the general economy of a country or a society rather than being an underground economy which does not benefit anything in society. 

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