Today we are going to talk about something that every lover might face once or twice in their life because it is usual to fall in love and it is also usual to have a breakup.

However, it depends on you whether you want that break-up to be very painful for you or whether you want the healing process to be quick and effective so that you can move on with your life.

We are going to help you understand how to get over someone you love and how to deal with the reality of unrequited love if you never get to be in a relationship with a person you like.  

We are also going to help you understand how to stop loving someone and how to get back to your comfort zone with the help of friends and family and how to get back to your usual life. 

Before we do that, let us understand why romantic relationships end.


There can be several reasons why seemingly healthy relationships end and the reasons can be something as simple as lack of compatibility where the differences between two people bring distance in their love.

This makes them grow apart from each other because they develop into individuals who are not compatible with their partners.

Breakups can also happen because of cheating and infidelity as it can totally damage the foundation of any relationship which is trust.

There can also be a break-up because of important life changes such as the birth of a child or even the change of job or the relocation of a partner. 

Breakups can also happen because of severe emotional abuse or even physical abuse that can be in the form of blackmail and even verbal torture.

Whatever the reason may be, it is difficult to get over a person you once loved. That is why here are the things that you can do in order to get over someone you love.  

This blog is specifically for romantic relationships and is not meant for non-romantic relationships. 



The first thing you can do might seem a bit drastic but it is also the most effective way to make sure you get over your ex.

If you are in constant communication with the person you loved then it is going to be very difficult for you to move on because they will be a constant reminder of the love that you once had.

The simplest thing you can do is to delete their number from your phone and block them from your social media. 

If you are in the same job as them then you should try to relocate and find another job so that you do not have to stay in contact with them or even meet them accidentally at the job.

You must also try to get rid of anything that reminds you of them such as gifts that they had given you and you can try to sell them off which will be additionally satisfying to your soul and your bank account. 

The basic thing to remember is to cut all forms of communication with them.


It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you totally deserve to be at peace with your sadness or anger and you totally deserve to take some time to be alone with your pain and emotions.

You must not look away from your pain and you must not try to cover it up because when that is going to resurface you are going to feel even more pain.

It is okay to cry and it is okay to analyse the reasons for the breakup and the sooner you do it the sooner your mind will be able to process and go back to logic instead of emotions.

The sooner you are able to get back to logic you will be able to understand and process your emotions in a logical way so that you can take the help of reason whenever you feel pain. 


Numerous studies have been conducted and the results were very similar in that people who were able to form a support group around them were able to get over a break up easier.

You must create your own support group which can consist of anybody from your friends to your family or your immediate siblings or even your colleagues.

You must surround yourself with the people who love and care for you and you can even express your pain to them because they are surely going to understand you and support you through this difficult time.

Your friends and family will provide you with new inspiration and positivity to continue your life and move on because you certainly deserve happiness and they are going to make sure you understand that.

You can even join different support groups that focus on healing for people who have experienced a love loss in life. 


When you experience a breakup, it might be the case that you completely get lost in all the pain and that pain can be so tremendous that you might even forget the person that you were.

You might forget what you liked and you might forget that you had a life before meeting that person and that you were a thinking breathing individual.

In order to get back to that life you should focus on caring for yourself. Sometimes people join a gym and other times people eat well and follow a routine and try to excel in their careers.

You can do this while channelling your pain and suffering and that anger into something productive and good.

You can also start a new hobby or continue any old hobby which will help you recognise the person that you were before all this pain and suffering. 

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