Some Essential Points to Remember Before Buying a Penis Cage

Are you on the lookout for some erotic and thrilling BDSM tricks to enjoy with your partner? If yes is the answer, then opting for a penis cage would be a wonderful addition to your list of BDSM toys. Yet if you are new to the arena of chastity play, and do not have much advice on this area then you are at the right place to get started. 

The kinds of cock cage available:

When you have decided to buy a penis cage, there are some factors you need to heed attention to. You should know the kinds and which one you feel would be comfortable yet exciting for you. 


These are the most common ones. They are wide open at the end part, thus the name. It tends to be a good one for primarily two reasons. 

The open cages tend to be easy and uncomplicated when you wear them. The wearer can even wear it when they are in a locked-up state. It is designed with a special hole from where you can pee. This is also hygienic. 

The open-end cages are more into demand since it is free for stimulation. This is one of the best ways to tease the subject during stimulation.

Caged Style

Caged-style ones usually are manufactured from springs or metal rings. These provide you with an airy feel, and even cleaning it is easy while you have it on. They have small holes which are usually used by the partner to tease the wearer. 

Partially Closed

These usually have the whole penis covered. There are some gaps left or small holes which provide ventilation. There is a small hole too which helps you to urinate. Here there is less space left for stimulation. 

Completely Closed

The last one is the fully closed one. This is quite a restrictive one. It provides one to enjoy maximum control at the same time good climax too. But here the cage needs to be opened, each time the wearer would want to use the washroom.