Edge play can be of different shades from gentle to an extreme

The internet is flooded with content relating to bigger, better orgasm. Most of the advice for intense foreplay like being blindfolded or blindfolding, using various sex toys and many more. But you can use a simple yet effective technique called edging. Do not be inseminated thinking like imprisonment or law associated penalty; it is more of an art where you and your partner come to the edge of orgasm. It is like cliffhanging; on the edge of the rock, it appears to fall but retreats from there. If you practice this technique time and again, your body will become the effervescent center of sensation and orgasm.

But most often, men are fascinated about lovemaking

Confusingly edge play is more associated with BDSM, where the psychology limit of an individual is tested using extreme methods. Edge play can be of different shades from gentle to an extreme but mostly considered as taboo, intense and emotionally and physically violent, yet highly arousing. Every person has his/her own limit, so every person`s edge play is unique.

To the male, the appeal of edge play is to prolong the lovemaking session. The average duration of hetro sexual encounter is 5.4 minutes, according to an article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2015. 

But most often, men are fascinated about lovemaking and want to continue it for a night long, and the desire becomes more intense if the lady is as gorgeous and sultry as in edging joi porn movies. With edging, you cannot fuck all through the day but remain in a heightened sexual state for a long period. You can warm up the lady in bed with various techniques and allow her to have a full-fledge satisfying orgasm.

The role-plays of submissive and dominance also practice edging with some aid of psychological or physical restraint. The crux of the cult is to delay or deny the orgasm to themselves or their partners. With power twists, the bedroom game becomes more engrossing, and the night flies. Edging your partner can give you a sense of power, controlling or reverse. If you do not have a perfect partner, you can imply edging in masturbation. You will come to know your inner self; your passion, fantasy, body rhythm is you master the technique of edging.