So why are you so enthralled with pornography?

However, despite the fact that they recognise the harm it does, many people still support porn; they dislike those who are anti-porn and don’t agree with their views. Why? Just why do they support it?

Because it fills a void in their life. Porn gives people with relief, happiness, and pleasure all in one bundle. It follows that they will support Thai Porn because they need the pleasure it delivers. They are prepared to put up with the bad consequences of porn in return for this enjoyment. Thus, people keep watching เมล่อนไอซ์ on a regular basis.

Why do people have such a strong urge for pornography?

We are compelled to conform to particular social conventions. In order to have a functioning society, these things must exist. We cannot blame society for that (until we figure out a better system). We must practise self-control if we are to follow these patterns. Every day, we do this. Even while some individuals like coming to work in the morning, many others loathe it. They loathe it for many reasons but are compelled to go, so they do the things they don’t want to do, which is repression. There are some individuals who like their employment and have fond memories of their school days. So this is not an all-encompassing statement.

When we don’t express our feelings, stress builds within of us, even if we’re not aware of it. To feel at peace and unencumbered, it is necessary to let go of the stress that has built up. A lot of people don’t know how exactly they may get rid of this stress since they haven’t developed the necessary skills to do so. They need a strategy for defusing the tensions they’re experiencing.

As a consequence, many people seek relief from their anxiety in destructive ways. The usage of drugs and prostitution are only two of the dangerous habits they get into.

Pornography is used as a means of coping with stress.

A longing for love that is not being fulfilled.

The vast majority of people who are addicted to Thai Porn are unable to attract and retain a partner, as well as the love and devotion of that woman. A hero is a hero to little girls. Most of us aren’t brave enough to be called heroes. As a result, we are unable to receive the love we need. Tension and unhappiness stem from the lack of bonds.

Negativity and a total lack of optimism

Is it true that you’ve encountered any pessimists? Remember that if you are a pessimist, then it will be easy for you. It is possible to become aware of one’s own thoughts and feelings. Those who don’t trust others or institutions must take responsibility for every area of their life since they are pessimists.