Shopping For A Sex Toy May Seem Overwhelming. This Guide Will Help

Shopping for a sex toy can be overwhelming, regardless of whether you are browsing the aisles and displays in Bliss Vixen Online Sex Shop Australia.

Not only will you need to find out what does; you also need to see if it matches how want it to be done.

Below, they describe what these sex toys do as well as how to determine if one is worthy of a place inside your drawer.


What, exactly, is a dildo? Sex educator, says that a “dildo” is anything phallic, or vaguely, that’s made to penetrate a mouth, anus, vaginal, or another part of the body.

Standard Dildos

Also called single-ended dildos, standard dildos are most similar to biological penises in terms of their shape and function.

Expert says: There are so many hot spots inside the body, including Google-spot as well A–spot among vulva owners and Penises-spot among people with penises.

The expert adds that these spots can be stimulated by a standard dildo, which can be carried in a belt or hand.

Safety note: A dildo should not be put in your bum if its flared base is larger than the largest portion of the dial.

Expert recommends a dildo with a suction cup base if you intend to use it during the solo, sex.

Why? Because you can attach it to a shower wall and use it in the same way as a partner.

If you are planning to use it as a peg, choose a slim, texture-free dildo.

Textured Dildos

You can also alter the texture of the dildo by changing its material. For example, a stainless steel dildo will be heavier than one made with silicone.

There are many textures that you could experiment with after you’ve confirmed your enjoyment of dildo or penetration.

Expert says some people have ripples and waves. Some have very pronounced heads and are thicker. Some have very textured bumps and nubs.

Double-Ended Dildos

As you may guess, this dildo Iteration has ahead in both ends.

They can be 12 to 24 inches in length. Some appear like two dildos mixed while others look U-shaped. 

An expert explains that double-ended dildos can allow double penetration depending on the shape. This allows you to feel fullness and extra-deep insertion.

Money-saving tip: You can make your very own double-ended dildo using a double-sided suction cup.

Strapless Hand-On

Sometimes, “strapless dildo”, and sometimes “strapless strap-on”, can be interchangeably used.

Double-ended dildos are normally U- or UI-shaped. Strapless dildos, on the other hand, are L-shaped.

An expert explains: Strapless Strap-Ons are ergonomically made so that one person can wear the toy, feel fullness, and thrust into another, Expert says.

The expert also said that the shirts can be worn by people who want to do a phallic job or just want to look sexy. Let’s celebrate gender euphoria.

Notice: While the name suggests you should wear the toy without a harness, the thrusting while trying your best to keep the toy inside of your body method is extremely taxing on the pelvic floor muscle.

Expert advises that a harness can be worn over the top to help reduce strain.