HX Anime Sex Dolls for Cartoon Lovers

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If you are an anime fan, you will surely love having an anime sex doll with which you can spend endless nights in pleasure. In spite of their slightly unusual facial features, cartoon girls look and feel highly realistic and offer great satisfaction. Here is overview of anime dolls from HXDOLL, a reputed supplier of sex dolls committed to provide the most realistic and pleasurable sexual experience.

  1. Realistic feel

Gone are the days of inflatable plastic dolls that look incredibly unrealistic and hard to handle. We live the glory times of ultra realistic anime sex dolls from HXDOLL made of materials that resemble human body on touch. You could hardly stand that silky, soft and elastic skin that sends shivers down your spine when your bodies touch in passionate desire. The hair is also natural-looking and feels as smooth and slick as human hair does. In spite of being just a wig, it is made of top-quality materials that imitate real hair in close detail.

  1. Curvy body shapes

The body of anime dolls boasts curvy and delicious forms you would want to devour day and night. Your eyes will find it hard to find a focus point, having to choose between the big and juicy breasts, the thin waist, and the voluptuous hips. Add the gorgeous face and you’ve got a seductive body that can drive any man crazy. Those huge and rounded eyes, button nose and chubby cheeks will surely make your heart skip a beat when you admire them.

  1. Ball joint skeleton

A great advantage of HXDOLL cartoon girls is the flexible skeleton that makes the body easy to manipulate. You can put the doll in any position you desire and have fun. Be sure, it will not break or oppose resistance tending to come back to its initial shape.

  1. Different types of breasts

There are two types of anime doll breasts you can choose depending on your desires. If you enjoy the feel provided by the silicone bust, you can choose the solid breasts for your doll. They are formed by pouring the fleshy material into a mold and letting it dry out and harden. In result, the boobs are firm and resemble silicone implants.

If you are a fan of natural breasts, ask for a hallow bust in your doll. It is obtained by leaving a cavity in the mold while pouring the jelly material into it so that it’s not completely full. In result, the boobs are soft and bouncy.

  1. Resistant skin

Anime sex doll fans would love playing with their juicy body in different positions. Luckily, you can turn your fancy thoughts into reality given the flexible skeleton and resistant skin. Speaking of skin, in spite of being soft and delicate on touch, it’s also thick and durable. It means it will not tear or crack when you bend the doll at a sharp angle. However, since anything in this world has a limit, so does sex doll’s skin.

It’s recommended to avoid keeping the doll in a posture for more than one week. It can cause indentations on her body in places where prolonged pressure has been applied. You must also avoid applying excess force when in the middle of the intimate act. Although the skin is resistant, it can resist to a point, just like human skin does. If you are too tough on the doll, it can result in scratches, local cracks and dents on her body.

Remember that human skin has the ability to recover, doll skin doesn’t. So the crack or scratch will be on her forever. If you are planning on a rough sex, make sure to apply oil or talcum powder on the surface of the doll, especially in the joints and spine areas, to reduce the risk of skin cracks and stretches.


If you are looking for an unforgettable sexual experience, an anime doll is your perfect choice. Her body is realistic and flexible, allowing you to fulfill your fantasies about various positions. Her curvy forms leave no man indifferent while her velvety skin is something you want to touch over and over. Use this cartoon beauty to color up your lonely nights and boring days.