How to have a great date night in Adelaide

With a plethora of romantic options, date night can be difficult to plan. Here are some fun and unique first date ideas!

A walk around the park

The fresh air is perfect for both your physical and mental health as well as being romantic. If it gets dark, which it often does in Adelaide , you can always use a torch or bring along a blanket so you aren’t walking home in the dark – unless that’s what your into 😉

Head to Gouger St  and play board games at one of the old school arcades. With classics like Street Fighter 2, Pacman and Galaga there’s sure to be something you’ll both enjoy. Bring a few coins for extra games because these things eat up money fast! At the very least you can have a little dance to the sound of all those funky arcade beats.

Hop on and off the tram and check out some of Adelaide ‘s hotspots with an expert tour guide! It’s a great way to discover more about your city, its history and where things are located. For example, did you know that stop 8 is one of the main stops for backpackers?

A homemade meal

Even if you end up ordering takeaway, nothing screams romance like cooking a meal together. You can even go all out and make dessert too – remember first dates aren’t always cheap so it’s never a bad idea to stretch your dollar as far as possible!

Go undercover at a fancy restaurant ! You’ll need to make a reservation, call up and disguise your voice – but it’s worth it to see your date’s face when you tell them where you’re taking them. They’ll think they’ve won lotto because you look like such a nice person!

Take a cooking class ! You can visit the market or supermarket together and then head over to one of the many cooking school that Adelaide has to offer and learn how to cook something yummy (and romantic)!

Beer tasting at Coopers brewery  is another great first-date idea. It might not be as romantic as candle light dinners, but who doesn’t love getting sloshed? Some might argue that it is more fun than being all cosy on a couch anyway 😉

If you’re not a fan of beer, you can always take a first date to the Adelaide Casino and try your luck. The casino has a number of bars where you can enjoy drinks while playing your favourite games or watching live bands .

Hop on a tour bus  and see as much as possible in one night! Remember to book early as tours will run out of tickets during the peak summer period.

Last but not least, it’s never too late for a good ol’ fashion picnic ! Grab some yummy treats from the local supermarket or gelato shop and head to one of our many beautiful parks . You’ll both definitely enjoy this idea if the weather is nice enough – which it usually is 🙂

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