Dress Up Your Sex Doll To Spice Things Up

There are many ways to improve the appeal of your silicone sex doll. You must know what to do to make her seem beautiful since you are the one who will decide how she will look. It’s also crucial that you know how to choose the perfect attire. It’s because some outfits bleed color and can ruin your sex do ll’s flawless skin.

Furthermore, it’s not just her clothing that may make your doll seem beautiful. You can adorn her with necklaces and earrings,Without further ado, here are some ideas for making your sex doll sexier:

Change Her Hairstyle, color, or buy a new Wig.

Changing your sex doll’s hairstyle or hair color is the same as changing her personality. To do so, start by looking for and buying a new wig for your sex doll.

You can choose from a variety of hairstyles. You can style your doll’s hair in a variety of ways, including a neat ballerina bun, a standard ponytail, faux side bangs, beach waves, and more. You are free to give your hyper-realistic sex doll any hairstyle that appeals to you.

Buy New Outfits

Dressing up your sex doll is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of having her, aside from the sexual enjoyment she can provide. Because buying her outfits allows you to express your individuality.

There are several things that you might get for your doll. Even better, these clothes allow you to engage in some fun roleplaying. You can get yourself and your sex doll matching outfits and enjoy the bedroom activity you’ve always wanted. If you’re going to engage in sex with a lady dressed in a formal suit, you can buy a pair of formal suits for yourself and your sex doll.

However, it’s wise to note that you should only buy clothes that fit your sex doll’s body type.

On the other hand, if you’re concerned that you’ll buy clothes that don’t fit your doll, you may always refer to size guides that provide dimensions. As previously said, you should be careful when selecting the fabrics for your clothing purchases. Because a poor clothing material might damage or taint your doll’s delicate skin.

Additionally, ensure that you will devote a significant amount of effort to selecting the outfits for your doll. It would be best to concentrate on outfit selection to ensure that everything looks well together.

Ideas: Clothing for Sex Dolls

1. Seductive lace dress

If you want your doll to appear simple yet seductive, this sort of outfit is ideal. Your sex doll will undoubtedly look stunning in a high-quality lace outfit with pleated skirts. The lacy pattern on the top will draw attention to your love doll’s bust, making her more appealing. Furthermore, this style of clothing is relatively easy to come by. They’re also available on eBay and Etsy. Putting a sexy lace dress on your realistic sex doll will make her appear like an amazing seductress.

2. Combination of a short skirt and a t-shirt

It’s perhaps the most prevalent dress combination for sex dolls. Many sex doll owners dress their dolls in short skirts and t-shirts. If you want to give your sex doll this look, you should add a pair of seductive underwear or stockings to make her seem even better. When wearing a low waist skirt and a t-shirt, many sex dolls appear stunning.

3. Bodycon

It’s pretty simple to put a simple bodycon on your sex doll. Furthermore, such apparel is appropriate for most sex dolls.

You can also have your sex doll wear a pair of brightly colored underwear that complement the bodycon’s color. If you intend to spend time in bed with your sex doll, a light-colored, high-quality bodycon would be ideal.

4. Combination of a skirt and a shirt

Do you want your doll to have a schoolgirl look? Then all you need is a multicolored checkered plaid skirt, a plain blouse, and a headband to get that look. To complete this look, you might have your sex doll wear a pair of stockings instead of a panty.

A basic tartan skirt and a ruffled button-down shirt with long sleeves, on the other hand, can drastically transform your sex doll’s appearance. Experimenting with dresses will, of course, allow you to give your sex doll whatever appearance you wish.

5. A Nightdress

If you like to cuddle with sex dolls in bed, getting her some nightdresses is a great idea. Your beauty will appear sexier in high-quality lingerie or a nightgown. Furthermore, because a nightdress is relatively easy to wear, it will make your life a lot easier. It’s quick and easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, most nightdresses available are a highly comfortable fit for sex dolls.

Precautions to Take

It doesn’t matter what outfits you select; they’re all lovely, and varied styles will highlight your sex doll’s personality and sentiments. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to selecting attire for your sex doll and how to dress elegantly:

You must first apply talcum powder to the doll’s surface before putting on clothing. It gives the love doll a more lifelike appearance and makes it more comfortable to wear.

Second, don’t dress the doll in anything too light. Because silicone is oily and won’t fade after dyeing, it’s preferable to wear white, pale pink, or flesh-toned clothing. It’s imperative. The dying of a love doll is the worst.

Don’t dress up your sex doll in an overly tight or long-sleeved outfit. They can damage the skin of your delicate sex doll and may cause you trouble holding it for an extended period. So, don’t buy that type of outfit.

Also, avoid dressing up your sex doll with the following accessories:

·    Brooches

·    Sequins

·    Chains

·    Clothing with sharp edges

·    Embellishments

These can damage your delicate sex doll, resulting in your sex doll losing its appeal.


In Conclusion, let your imagination run wild and dress up your doll with any outfit that appeals to you and have fun. One thing to note is that most trusted and best sellers in the U.S, provide different costumes, clothing, and accessories, sex doll heads with the doll you buy.

We recommend going for a custom one because, in that way, you can also select the outfits for your sex doll.